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Here are the basics for NYC '19.

What is NYC?
Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC) is a life-changing experience. Thousands of Nazarene High School students from USA and Canada will gather together to worship, serve, learn, and fellowship together!
NYC 2019: Love God. Love Others. Love Lived.
Phoenix, AZ
- Be in 8th-12th grade for the 2018-2019 school year
- Be involved in a Church of the Nazarene on the Colorado District

Why Should I Attend?
For most, NYC is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It happens once every 4 years and is only for high school students who are involved in Nazarene churches.
More importantly, NYC is a life-transforming experience. Every four years students attend NYC and come back completely changed! It provides a unique atmosphere for encountering God with thousands of other students your age!
You will find that NYC is expensive. You will also find that is it a priceless event, worth far more than any price tag you can put on it!

Email for more information or click below.


Registration Costs:

Early Registration: $1400

Completed Online Registration and $200 deposit paid by August 11

StandardRegistration: $1500

Completed Online Registration by November 11, 2018

Sibling Discount: $60 off each student if more than 1 from a family.