Life Groups

- Reveal belonging - Create friendship - Silence isolation -

- Study scripture together for growth and understanding - Allow safe spaces - Life together -

Spiritual formation happens largely through community with others who share life and their spiritual journey together. One way to deepen relationships at The Connection Church is to join a Life Group. Life Groups are generally made up of 8 to 15 people who gather in homes throughout the Castle Rock area. These groups gather weekly throughout the school year to engage life together. Some life groups begin the evening with a meal and then have a conversation surroung life following Jesus.

Life Groups aren't just to add something extra to your weekly calendar. We believe life groups are a way to act counter-culturally to the "crazy busy" of this world and re-prioritize relationships over lesser important things. The church is a people of God, uniquely unified in the call to be a blessing to one another and to the world around them while being people who are learning to live in the ways of Jesus Christ together. To do that, we understand that we have to intentionally set aside time on a weekly basis to build relationships with a small group of people. Join one today!


Vinton Life Group

Sundays from 8:45am-9:45am

Reiter Life Group

Sundays from 6:00pm - 8:00pm

NEW Life Group

Starting Soon