We are located at 1300 Park Street Castle Rock, CO 80109

Sunday Mornings

At The Connection, we are a “come just as you are” community.  When you get to our building look for the visitor parking signs near the main entrance.  Our morning worship begins at 10:00 and as you come in you will meet our greeters.  Feel free to ask them any questions.  The greeters will give you a bulletin listing the morning’s events and if you have kids they will be glad to take you and your children to the nursery or children's area.  On your way, you can grab some coffee and snacks in the foyer.

Our music and sermons are relevant and Christ centered.  In every part of our worship service, we desire to create an atmosphere where we encounter Jesus in such a way that will challenge us and compel us to live Christ-like lives.  At the end of every service, we open a time to worship God in giving our tithes and offerings.  However, as our guest, the service is our gift to you.

We at The Connection want to take this time to invite you to join us on this journey together.  Our church can be your home!

Sunday Morning Children

Here at The Connection, we think kids are incredible! They bring new eyes, open hearts, and excitement to everything they do. When you bring your child to our church, you can be assured that we will take the utmost care of them from check in to check out! We use an online check in process, through Planning Center, that will print out a personalized sticker for your child (allergies or special needs can be listed) and a coded sticker for you to hold on to until check out time. If you are new to the check in system, one of our staff will gladly help you log in and get your child ready and checked in. The tag you keep for check out is our way of knowing that each child is going to the appropriate adult. At the end of the service, check out will be required using the matching coded tag you received.

INFANTS NURSERY: We have a nursery reserved for babies 12 months and under. After check in, your infant will be cared for in a safe environment right next to the nursery. Mothers with the matching coded sticker will be allowed to come and nurse as needed. At the end of the service, check out will be required using the matching coded tag you received.

TODDLERS NURSERY: We know that little ones need a safe place to play as they explore their world. We have a toddlers nursery in our children's wing that is reserved for children 1 year old through Pre-Kindergarten, or age 4. After check in, your toddler will enjoy play time, a simple lesson and/or craft that opens their hearts to learning God's Word and stories of faith. At the end of service, check out will be required using the matching coded tag you received.

Weekly Home Groups

Spiritual formation happens largely through a community with others who share our spiritual journey. One way to deepen relationships at The Connection is to become a part of a Home Group. Home Groups are generally made up 8 to 15 people who gather in homes throughout the Castle Rock area. These groups gather weekly through the school year to engage life together, and typically begin the evening with a meal while leaning in to how our faith in Jesus Christ plays out in our daily lives.

If you call The Connection home and are ready to commit to a weekly Home Group gathering, contact the church office or one of the home groups below to get started.

Reiter Home Group
Thursday nights, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
(360) 929-2272

McCrary Home Group
Tuesday nights, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm
(858) 943-9613

Men's Group

Join Pastor Chris as we journey together on our spiritual growth, "Celebration of Discipline", by Richard J. Foster.

Wednesdays, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at The Connection

celebration of discipline


Come spend time with us where we see how God's word helps us with our family, friends, and community. We're all in this together.

The Pursuit Teen Camp was a great one where we were challenged to Chase the Creator with all we have.

Join us Wednesday nights.

This summer is an active one, so check out our "summer hours"!

Coffee with Chris

2nd Saturday of every month9:00am – 10:30am 

This is a “Guys Only” monthly event. Pastor Chris takes the time to create space for men to dig in with God in His Word and to teach and talk through topics that are relevant, often difficult, but needed in the lives of our men. We believe in encouraging one another in the day to day happenings of life, and as men, we need friends that are solid and after God’s heart more than we’d like to admit. This time brings all of those components together. Breakfast food items are gathered and shared by those who attend, and coffee is always ready.

Saturdays with Cherie

3rd Saturday of every month9:00am – 10:30am

Here at The Connection Church, we believe in women! Once a month, Cherie Reiter, the pastor's wife, hosts an event to give space and time to beautiful and cherished women from all walks of life to equip them in rhythms of relationship, friendship, service, depth of faith, discipleship, and laughter. Childcare is provided on site for children ages 1 to 8 years old. A donation is appreciated for childcare workers of $3 per child per hour.

Each month at Saturday's with Cherie, we will start with sharing breakfast and brunch foods together. Bring a favorite dish to share - but if you can't, come anyway! Then we will have a short time listening to women share her story from the community. We will always have a "Local Invitation" that highlights a charity or service group in Castle Rock that is serving people as well as a "Global Invitation" that highlights a group from somewhere in the world that is increasing hope and life in women globally.

We hope you come and bring a friend! Sorry guys, this is a Women's Only monthly event.

Wednesday Night Discipleship

7:00pm – 8:30pm

We are here to make disciples of Jesus Christ, who in turn make disciples of Jesus Christ. That is the Great Commission from Jesus and the mission of who we are as a Nazarene denomination. Pastor Chris lives and breathes discipleship. Wednesday evenings are open to all. Are you curious, skeptical, or even hungry to know more about Jesus Christ? Do you want to know how to live and grow in faith and the disciplines of the Gospel? Do you have questions about who we are as believers and where we stand in the Wesleyan holiness tribe? Then you belong here. Come and enjoy conversation, friendships, and belonging.

Wednesday Worship Rehearsals

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Worship is a vital part of who we are here at The Connection. We were created to worship the Lord in everything we do. Sunday mornings are some of our favorite corporate worship experiences together as a church body. In God’s Word, 1 Chronicles 25 speaks about those who were leaders of worship. They were trained and became skilled in their area to worship the Lord through singing or playing an instrument. We believe in taking time to be trained as worship teams through rehearsal, in turn increasing the skills God has given us. Wednesday evenings the worship team that is scheduled for the coming Sunday meets with the Worship Pastor in the sanctuary from 7:00pm to 8:30pm to rehearse. Anyone is invited and welcome to sit in on rehearsal. If you are interested in being on a worship team in a vocal or instrumental capacity, please contact Pastor Cherie.