The Greater Escape Room

April 12 & 13, 2019

Come and challenge yourselves with the professional style escape room, The Greater Escape. It's a journey back to 1937 to search for clues to help find the missing Dr. Brobearg, an archaeology professor at the local university.

Over the last year Dr. Brobearg has not been content. He began to search for deeper meaning in life and found a new treasure in discovering God’s plan for his life! This goes against all that archeologists typically treasure in earthly artifacts. Now his peers believe that he doesn’t deserve a voice in this field and have tried to intimidate him into remaining silent. Dr. Brobearg wants to share the true treasure with the world, so he’s hidden for his own safety until you arrive.  He has left clues in his office hoping that you can find him and help him reach the police safely. His authentic office holds the secrets that you need!

Your goal is to find the clues to unlock the door and get out following all the instructions and clues in 40 minutes or less.


We've had over 400 people across Colorado take the challenge so far! Join the number!

This is a medium difficulty level and designed for up to 6 people. Recommended ages are upper elementary and up.

The Greater Escape is $12.50/person and 100% of this fundraiser will go to our teens who are attending NYC'19, a national Nazarene youth conference held once every four years, this time in Phoenix July 2019.

Come have fun, learn, and laugh with us!